MAX & Bus Rapid Transit

MAX is RideKC’s bus rapid transit line (BRT) serving highly populated residential and commercial corridors in Kansas City, Mo. 

Plans are underway to implement this premium service along Prospect Ave. and into downtown KCMO.  From its vehicles to service, MAX touts its unique identity. Customers reach their destinations with greater ease because of MAX’s faster, more reliable service. MAX vehicles have a distinctively sleek design, while MAX stations are substantially larger than standard bus stops. In addition, one of the more popular customer-friendly MAX features includes real-time arrival information that helps transit customers know exactly when MAX will arrive.

MAX Features

MAX debuted with Main MAX in 2005, changing the face of transit in Kansas City.

Following on the success of Main MAX, a second MAX line was developed for Troost. This line opened in 2011, featuring green technologies such as hybrid vehicles, solar lighting, pervious pavement and rain gardens.

MAX vehicle
Above: The distinct looking MAX vehicle.

MAX Artwork
Above: The Troost MAX line features artwork along the line.