New automated trip reminders available to KC paratransit riders

Posted on: Feb 15, 2017

(Kansas City, Mo. – Feb. 15, 2017) The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority is unveiling a new automated system that sends reminders to paratransit customers with disabilities about trips they book on RideKC Freedom, formerly known as Share-A-Fare.

Starting Wednesday, Feb. 15, paratransit customers can request reminders – either by phone call or text message – that they’ve scheduled a trip on RideKC Freedom. Similar to reminders they might get from a doctor or dentist, the new technology notifies customers of their reservation a day in advance.

The new system alerts riders to the origin and destination of their trip as well as their pickup times. Customers can opt into the new system when they reserve a trip on RideKC Freedom at 816-842-9070.

Another feature gives riders the ability to cancel their trip by phone 24 hours in advance of their reservation if they change their plans.

These innovations will make service more convenient for our nearly 4,000 RideKC Freedom customers. Plus, the reminders will improve efficiency by reducing call wait times and decrease the number of no-shows.  

“We are very excited about offering this new convenience to our RideKC Freedom customers,” said Robbie Makinen, president and chief executive officer of the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority. “This is a big win for our customers. This new technology not only makes our paratransit services more efficient, but also will means shorter waits for customers when they phone the Regional Call Center to book their trips.”

A group of paratransit riders has been testing the trip reminder system for the past few weeks. Passenger Ruby Polk calls the system “excellent.”

“As a person who is blind, I depend on RideKC Freedom to provide transportation to medical appointments, work, the grocery store and more,” said Polk. “This system will verify that all RideKC Freedom trips are correct.”   

RideKC Freedom is the new official name for paratransit services for seniors and persons with disabilities in Kansas City. What was known as Share-A-Fare in Kansas City is now RideKC Freedom with vehicles now branded with RideKC Freedom in white lettering on a blue backdrop featuring the open road, reflecting the freedom of travel.


Below: A sample trip reminder received via text. 
paratransit trip reminder